What Others Say

Katherine, Uxbridge, MA

My family loves this book! It is one of our favorites. The story is beautifully told and easy for a child to understand. The illustrations are lovely. It will be treasured for years to come.

Stephanie, Chicago, IL

I was very excited to read The Legend of the Gospel Train. Not only can it be used with children but even with adults as it communicates the truth of the gospel in a simple, yet real way. This is a powerful tool! I love it and trust the Lord will use it in mighty ways! What a great reminder to ask ourselves: "What direction is my train headed?"

Trent Griffith, Senior Pastor, Harvest Bible Chapel Granger, IN

My family and I were amazed last Christmas when we naively ask some children in our neighborhood, "Whose birthday are we celebrating?" Several of the children had no clue. Because our culture has reduced Christmas to a 'winter festival' this generation of children is growing up without any knowledge of the incarnation of Jesus Christ. The Legend of the Gospel Train and the Happy Birthday Jesus! Party Planning Packet is a tool that our church has used to introduce children to Jesus during a season when they are curious. The gospel is about so much more than "getting a ticket to Heaven". But the simplicity of this parable will lead children to examine the direction and destination of their lives. Ultimately, The Legend of the Gospel Train presents Jesus as the only Conductor who can get us to the destination of eternal life.

Trudi, Pittsburgh, PA

This is outstanding! What a concept. This should be as big a success as Polar Express or better!!!!! The Legend of the Gospel Train, has a very inviting story line. As a reader, you are transported through questions into the story with anticipation, involvement and decision-making. Jesus loved to get His message across through parables, simplistic stories for the young and the old. Timeless! Story telling has been a vehicle used through the ages to change the hearts of the reader; and Lucy Schultz's book will certainly accomplish this.

The ingredients of Candy Canes, Special Birthday Cake, Salvation Message and Read-along quality result in a recipe for success. This should be as big of a Christmas tradition as The Polar Express!